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Canadian Red Cedar Shingles

Many older traditional roofing materials such as heather, straw and reed used for thatching are not only difficult to find, but even harder to find the specialist skill set to carry out the roofing works.

What alternatives are there that meet the environmental and sustainability credentials of a project, and also provide a truly natural solution?

As the natural beauty of cedar shingles complements a natural woodland environment, this zero-maintenance, durable roofing solution has been specified for heritage projects and conservation areas.

Although a unique and not a ‘like for like’ proposition, Canadian cedar shingles have been specified and successfully installed on a number of heritage projects.

They are both low carbon in manufacture, and contribute to low carbon design and use. A recent Canadian study, carried out in line with PAS 2050 methodology and using a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), demonstrated a net carbon sink over a 50 year service life.


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